Think of Facebook as a country online. It is its own Sovereign entity, which means that when you become a citizen (click accept) you give up all of your rights and they can completely monitor your every single move. And what is life, but a fight against loneliness? So, why do you post things? It's a game for adults and the way that you continue playing is with likes and hearts and cries. You want people to celebrate your triumphs, your sorrows and everything else, because it is an online community. And it also means that Facebook will send you ads based on your likes and dislikes and that is how they make their money. In other words, why is Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress? I believe it is because Facebook was monitoring everything that was happening during the 2016 election and might have information that can help us from being manipulated in like fashion again. So, if you really want to change things up on Facebook then start hearting everything that deserves it. See what happens if you play with love in your heart.

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